Winter Dates in Canal Park


Canal Park is a great place for a winter date. It has easily accessible scenic locations for Facebook-worthy couples shots and it is just as easy to find a warm spot inside you both can enjoy. Beacon Pointe is right on the Lakewalk and a medium length walk or very short drive to the Canal.

To start with, parking is easy this time of year. Parking is free and you usually don’t have to walk too far in the cold to get where you are going. But, if you want to walk in the cold a little, from the central parking lot you can walk two minutes to the lift bridge, along the canal, up the Lakewalk a little, and be inside in minutes.

Where you go inside depends on what you are in the mood for. There are many stops at Canal Park that offer many different experiences. To start with, you may be in the mood for ease of conversation in a place that feels like being home but isn’t quite home. That’s when you should go to Amazing Grace Bakery and Cafe.

From this coffee shop in the basement of the Dewitt-Seitz Marketplace, there are seats near the window where you can look up at the Lift Bridge. Further in are big and small tables, where you can sip your latte or have a roll or soup. In the corner is a cozy little area. Here there is a large fish tank surrounded by comfy chairs. Also in the vicinity are reading materials, coloring books for kids, and games.

Playing games at a coffee shop is fun for old and new couples. Board games are great for stirring up conversation, playful gloating when you score big, and laughing at creative answers to questions.

If you are in the mood for games that are a little more active, you can walk to the Adventure Zone up the street. Inside this big area are many activities including miniature golf and batting cages. In this place you might feel like you are with your sweetheart at a school picnic during senior year.

The Adventure Zone is a good refuge from the cold winter. Inside this big building it always feels like summer and outdoors. For more active fun you can play Laser Tag or even climb the rock wall.

If you are ready for a little more grown up experience, all around there are many restaurants and bars to choose from. The restaurants range from casual to higher end. From outside the Adventure Zone they line South Lake Ave going toward and away the Lift Bridge. In the same building as Amazing Grace is Little Angie’s Cantina and near the Lift Bridge is Grandma’s.

Movies are always popular for dates and Canal Park has a good one nearby. A quick walk to this theater is another way to enjoy the outdoor scenery a little, before going back inside to the warmth. From Canal Park you can walk across the drawbridge and look at the William A Irwin in the slip. This large old ore ship towers above and its hull may be surrounded by a foot of ice. From this bridge you can sneak a peek at the harbor, where the Tall Ships sat not long ago. Depending on the temperature, you can walk briskly up the Harbor Drive, where you pass closer to the Irwin, as you make your way toward the theatre.

In this cinema there are 11 theatres. One of them is the large UltraScreen, often used for the latest high budget action packed blockbuster. Or, you may want to sit down and see a thriller or a romantic comedy. When you go to the movies it’s like you dial in a mood to focus on the next two hours. You may be looking to laugh or cry together.

Like the theatre, Canal Park has many spots that fit various moods. You can pick one for a while or keep switching till you find the one you both really like.