Which is best? 12 great places for coffee or hot chocolate in Duluth!

Anyone that’s been to Duluth in the fall knows the weather can be a bit cool. With the warm summer days gone, you’ll want to keep warm, either by heater, blanket or beverage. Did you know there are 12 outstanding places to enjoy hot cocoa or coffee in Duluth, not far from Beacon Point Resorts? If you’re coming from Minneapolis, St. Paul or Minnetonka, you’ll need this directory! Below is the “unofficial” list, so enjoy at your own leisure.

  1. Jitters. The coolest name for a coffee house and their java is warm and strong.
  2. Beaner’s Central. Coffee, warm atmosphere and live music.
  3. Amazing Grace Café. Awesome bakery, hot cocoa, coffee and breakfast!
  4. Duluth Coffee Company. Fine, quality coffee, roasted and brewed on-site.
  5. At Sara’s Table, Chester Creek Café. Great coffee, breakfast and even children’s menu!
  6. Dunn Bros Coffee. Easy to get to, located half a mile from Beacon Pointe Resort!
  7. Caribou Coffee.  Four great locations, Minnesota’s own, original coffee company.
  8. Starbucks. Warning: strong coffee and very hot temperature hot cocoa. Enjoy!
  9. Casa Latte. One great location in Hermantown and the other on east Superior Street!
  10. Va Bene Café. Right on the lake! Italian café, warm beverages and stupendous location!
  11. Bixby’s Café.  Near UMD campus, offering warm drinks, bagels and sandwiches.
  12. New London Café. Amazing French toast, great coffee and quaint location!

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