Valentine’s at Beacon Pointe

Valentini'sBeacon Pointe Resort can help you and someone special draw attention to each other. Hopefully, you are attentive without a resort. Still, someplace like Beacon can help “pointe” you in the right direction. It can do this by first getting you away from what is distracting you and then letting you focus together on the beautiful surroundings, together.

“There are the breathtaking views,” said Tor Anderson of Beacon Pointe. “Since I’ve been here, I don’t know how many people have come down and mentioned just being able to see the sunrise off the balcony.”

Yes, natural beauty can make us feel good together. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many movies where the waves are crashing in the background as the lovers embrace. But, the inside of the resort is also made for couples.

“We are kind of a cozy romantic getaway, whether people are from the cities or other parts of the Midwest, ” Tor said. “You have the fireplace and the Jacuzzis. Then we have the option to do some different packages. There is our romance package where you can have champagne and rose petals and chocolate sent up to the room.”

If you are from out of town and choose to stay at Beacon Pointe for the Valentine’s weekend, you may want to attend one of the Valentine’s events in Duluth.

On Valentine’s Day Midi Restaurant will have a special Valentine’s Day dinner. This will feature live music by Beth and Les.  Midi is about a five minute drive from Beacon Pointe in the Fitger’s Hotel. Midi is fine dining with a Mediterranean emphasis.

Sometime the act of creating something beautiful together can bring people together. This is the idea behind the Valentine’s Day Couples Paint event at Studio Duluth. It actually takes place on Saturday, the day before Valentine’s. But, you might as well spend the weekend at the resort.

You each get a canvas and materials and a chance to make something nice or both laugh at the results.

There are many other restaurants to choose from. Many are in the Canal Park area, a short drive from Beacon Pointe.

After eating, if you aren’t ready to go back to the resort, you can look at some of the many great views in Duluth, as a couple.

There is the usual favorite, the canal. You can walk under the bridge looking at the frozen canal leaning together for warmth. Then there is Skyline Drive. There are several spots along this high road with overlooks of the whole city below you.

You can start on the east end of Skyline Drive. The road winds over seven bridges over rocky rapids. This area would look better in the day, but you can still catch some of it at night. After the gravel road section, you reach the top of Hawk Ridge. This area is great day and night, especially when seeing the moon reflected off the lake. The road keeps going with several turnouts to park and look down at the city.

After stopping and enjoying a few views, you will probably feel like returning to the resort. There you can view the lake even better together, on the balcony.