Secrets! 4 Reason to visit Hawk Ridge Bird Conservatory!

There is a secret and fun destination located not far from Beacon Pointe Resort that you need to visit! Before we tell you what it is, here are some fun facts and questions to get you guessing.

  • What animals can fly at speeds of 140 mph to 200 mph? (Hawks)
  • While hunting, which predator can reach speeds of over 100 mph? (Bald Eagle)
  • In zoos, what species of animal can live to be over 30 years old? (Bald Eagle)
  • Where is a great place to learn more? (Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory!)

Hawk Ridge Bird Conservatory is hardly a secret but has MANY secrets to uncover when you visit and learn about thousands of birds that visit the bluffs of East Duluth during the fall season. Here are 4 great reasons to check out Hawk Ridge!

  1. What is Hawk Ridge? Hawk Ridge Bird Conservatory is both an organization and place. Its purpose is to protect and educate the masses about predatory birds and migratory birds. It’s located off of Skyline Parkway, on the east end of Duluth.
  2.  Why watch Hawks and other birds migrate? First, it’s super cool! Second, Hawks and many other birds migrate during the fall and winter seasons. Birds naturally do not like migrating over large bodies of water, so they will avoid flying over Lake Superior. That said, they look for a flight path that will steer them clear of large water ways. From Hawk Ridge’s location in Duluth, you can see over 20 different species of birds, both rare and not, fly near the bluffs that overlook East Duluth. Truly amazing!
  3.  September and October is the BEST time to visit! Bird and Hawk watching is best viewed during the middle of the day. The birds start flying around 8am and then start to taper off around 4pm. Best time to plan your trip: between 10am and 2pm. When you’re done, come by Beacon Pointe Resorts and enjoy a spectacular evening with a bonfire and a relaxing evening!
  4. Beacon Pointe Resorts has fall deals! When you’re finished with the day at Hawk Ridge, take a look at our fall deals and rates and stay a night or two with us! We have some amazing rates starting at $109 for 2 guests! That’s an AWESOME rate for a place that puts you near everything, complete with bonfire, underground parking, all while overlooking crisp, calm Lake Superior.

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