Kid and Adult Activities at Beacon Pointe

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Whether you are five or ninety-five, you will always find lots to do when you stay at Beacon Pointe. However, some activities are best for kids and some are best for adults.


Things you can all do together

Enjoy the pool

Adults and small children, closely supervised, can enjoy the on-site pool.

Enjoy the resort’s movies, popcorn, and games

These amenities are provided by the resort and are fun for the whole family.

Go sailing

Although pistons and valves mostly replaced ropes and sails long ago, many still sail for fun and relaxation. This is especially true in Duluth where you can see many boats with tall masts on a good day. If you didn’t bring a boat along, the whole family can still get out on the water, through one of the various sail boat charters.

Walk by the lake

Water possesses a mysterious force, which draws people like a magnet. At Beacon Pointe you are right on the water and can walk for many miles along the shore from your back door.

Go white water watching

In case you didn’t notice, Duluth is built on a giant rocky hill. When water flows down this hill, it encounters a lot of rough spots along the way. This causes anything from stretches of rapids to big cascades, like the ones along Seven Bridges Road.

Go bike riding

Whether you brought your own bike, or will rent a bike somewhere in Canal Park, street biking is something the whole family can do together. There are various devices which can be pulled by or attached to a bike to bring along your little ones. Some of the rental bikes come already equipped, and then there are those full-family bikes. The Lakewalk is a great place to have some fun on wheels.

Go nature watching from a car

A lot of times it is fun just to drive around and see nature. The traffic in Duluth is usually not too bad and there is so much to awe you at almost every turn. You can always stop when you see something particularly worthy of attention. We recommend going up the hill towards the mall and then turning around—you’ll see the harbor, the bridge, and the hill all at once.


Activities mostly for adults


Enjoy the hot tub, sauna, and workout room

Beacon Pointe is steps away from the Lakewalk and if you’re feeling like it’s too cold to head outdoors we also have an exercise room. Afterwards, there is nothing as relaxing as a dip in the hot tub or sauna. You can even order cocktails to enjoy at the pool.

Go kayaking

With kayaking there is always a chance of flipping. Therefore we recommend leaving kids on the shore while going out there. There are many places to kayak in Duluth, like the lake on a calm day or the St. Louis River.

Enjoy some craft beer

Duluth is a mecca for craft beer makers and consumers alike. You can try a number of unique beers at places like Fitger’s and Bent Paddle.

Go snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is a good way to “go off road” in the winter away from ski trails. Hartley, Lester, and other parks are good places to get out and see the woods.

Go skiing

Skiing is another winter activity popular in the area. There is great downhill skiing at Spirit Mountain and cross-country trails crisscross the whole area. For one inexpensive trail pass you can cross-country ski all year.

Go mountain biking

Duluth has miles and miles of rugged mountain-biking trails. Coggs is your best resource here. If you enjoy a little more of an urban feel you can bike from our front door all the way to Canal Park on the Lakewalk.

Activities mostly for kids


There are a number of places to leave your kids when you both really need to do something and can’t bring them with. Call around and find one that sounds like a fun environment. Sittercity is a good place to find a trusted sitter.

Attend a Kids’ Camp in Duluth

Duluth has a number of summer camp opportunities for kids. Many of these might work with your schedule and when you plan to come to Duluth. Most are multi-day and would offer a chance for mom and dad to have some good alone time, while the kids are having so much fun they don’t even think about you. For a good list and description of the camps go here.

Some camps include activities, like arts and crafts. Others include lessons all about nature in this area.