As we begin to let go of the warm days and clear starry skies of summer, we welcome the crisp air and cool nights of autumn here in the Duluth. With it brings lower room rates (particularly during the midweek), less traffic and crowds, and of course the stunning change in colors on the trees that dominate the Northland. We’re here to share with you all of the experiences waiting to be enjoyed during your fall vacation at Beacon Pointe.

To be able to experience all of the popular attractions you’ll need a check-list of some of the must-see places in our area!

Enger Tower

A family-friendly and serene atmosphere under a canopy of white birch and poplar trees and lined with shade-loving perennials. Enchanting for everyone who meanders along the winding trails leading up to Enger Tower or the scenic overlook.

Panoramic and towering above the city, Enger Tower stands as a symbol of historic figures who have contributed to the growth and prosperity of the city over the past 72 years.

Glensheen Mansion

Tour the picturesque grounds of Glensheen Mansion just a couple miles from Beacon Pointe and enjoy the changing colors all over this historic property.

Next, you can take the North Shore Scenic Highway which is arguably one of the most scenic roads in the state up to 2 Minnesota’s most popular state parks!

Gooseberry Falls State Park

Gooseberry Falls is known for its spectacular waterfalls, river gorge, Lake Superior shoreline, stone structures, and north woods wildlife. Listen to the thunderous roar of the Upper, Middle and Lower Falls of the Gooseberry River as it plummets through a rocky gorge. All while surrounded by the stunning colors of fall in what many refer to as, “The Gateway to the North Shore.”

Split Rock Lighthouse

Located on a 130-foot cliff on the rocky coast of Lake Superior, Split Rock Lighthouse is an intact 1910 light station that guided ships across the often stormy waters of western Lake Superior.

From the observation station at the base of the lighthouse, you can see for miles in either direction giving you one of the most unique opportunities to see the North Shore during the peak of fall colors.

Pie Pro Tip:

Don’t miss out on a pie from the Famous Betty’s Pies on your way back from exploring Split Rock and Gooseberry! (We recommend the Pie Shake)

By now you’ve probably realized there is no reason for you to miss out on your Fall vacation and you’re in a frenzy to make your reservation and get out the door and on the road but don’t forget a few items you’ll want to have in your suitcase!

1.   Our weather can be unpredictable so pack appropriately.

2.   A pair of binoculars

3.   Swimsuits/trunks so you can relax in our indoor pool, sauna, and hot tub

4.   No need to pack any of your day to day troubles they’ll just get in the way of your relaxation.

Our team here at Beacon Pointe is excited to have you as our guest and can’t wait to welcome you to your new vacation destination. We’ll see you soon.