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A Guide to Duluth's Best & Newest Breweries – 2017

The waters of Lake Superior give us something to look at, something to swim in, and something for the ships to float on. But more than anything, they give us beer. For many years Fitger's Brewhouse was the only commercial establishment taking advantage of this pristine water source to make craft brews. Though this local favorite is still going strong, Duluth now has multiple production breweries, taprooms, and a large number of brewpubs as well. Production breweries are allowed to sell their…

Fitger's Brewhouse

The Beers of Summer

The Beers of Summer When the weather is warm there is nothing like sitting out on the patio with an ice cold beer. Duluth’s beer scene is consistently vibrant and while All Pints North may be over for the year there are still plenty of places to imbibe. Here are some of this summer’s offerings. Because the craft beer industry is so fast paced, these may go off tap at any moment—but we’re sure the new beers will be equally tasty. Fitger’s Brewhouse Cumberland Blues IPA A grateful bond of…

Fitger's Brewhouse

Duluth Winter Brews

Before modern food storage and transportation you ate and drank what was in season. For example, it used to be unheard of for northern people to have fresh fruit and vegetables during winter. Duluth has a lot of microbrews and many for different seasons. This is time to reap the winter harvest. But what makes a winter brew a winter brew? It’s not just a slick marketing hook American pubs invented so you have something to sip on after hanging up your coat and hearing someone jam on an electric…