mitten tree

Beacon Pointe Resort Mitten Tree

May you always have a poem, like a pair of cozy mittens;

Knitted by a friend who loves you.

May your poem hold your hands through the blizzard of your living;
Every word a warm blessing.

Written by a soul you’ll never know but somehow understands.
-Amy LV 


On the Friday following Thanksgiving, we will begin what we hope will become an annual holiday tradition – a Mitten Tree – which will be located in the main lobby at Beacon Pointe Resort.  We will be reaching out to the local community, arriving guests, and our owners, to ask for mittens, scarves, hats, socks – any warm and cozies that can benefit those in need in the Duluth area.

As you prepare for your next visit, please consider adding items to your bag that can adorn the tree this season, and be of use during this and future winters by someone who needs them.

Best wishes always,

The Staff at Beacon Pointe Resort