You love your kids but sometimes they drive you crazy. Even when they are behaving, your main hobby seems to be helping them enjoy themselves. If you need an adult vacation, Beacon Pointe is here. You can have fun for the weekend or longer doing the things grownups love to do, while the babysitter can settle disputes over who took whose turn on the Xbox.

Beacon Pointe is a place for adults to rekindle their romance.

“You have the fireplace, the Jacuzzis, and the great view we provide here at the resort,” said Beacon Pointe’s Tor Anderson.

The romance doesn’t have to stop at the room. Right outside the suites is Lake Superior and a long path running up and down its shore. There are many places along the Lakewalk to sit and hold hands watching the water splash, with the big sky over the wide waters. At night the stars fill this sky, while the moon rises over the lake.

From behind Beacon Pointe, the view of downtown is good but not too close. Across a few miles of blue water, the high-rises look small below the big hill. Looking to the left the Lift Bridge stands like a steel giant welcoming ships into the harbor. If you turn around you can gaze off into an infinity of water together.

While you are at Beacon, you can also exercise your right to be an adult.

Canal Park

“Here we have a state of the art exercise facility,” said Beacon Pointe general manager Leanne Joynes.

There is also the pool, Jacuzzis, and the sauna for relaxing your muscles. But the exercise doesn’t stop at the resort.

The Lakewalk also doubles as a giant outdoor track. There are miles and miles where you can walk, bike, or run along the water. If movies have taught us anything, scenic backgrounds inspire us to run.

Back at the suite, feel free to do some things that would bore the socks off the average child. If you like to cook, you can take advantage of the full kitchen to make what you like without worrying if the kids will find it gross. Then you can sit in the suite’s living room and read a book or watch the longest and most boring black and white movie you can find.

Couple in Duluth

From Beacon Pointe you are also close to the grownup nightlife. You will have easy access to bars and restaurants along Superior Street or Canal Park. Near Canal Park, you can also watch your choice of movies at the Marcus Duluth Theatre. Or, back on Superior Street you can go to the Zinema Theatre and watch one of those independent artsy films that any kid would fidget through.

At Canal Park, you can also watch the big ships come in under the Aerial Lift Bridge. This is something that all ages love. Still, you can take your time (no whining, unless you provide that yourself) and wait patiently for the next boat to come.

During operating hours, you can go in the Maritime Museum next to the canal and read as many of the exhibits as you want and learn more about the ships. Your significant other may be the one to politely suggest you move faster through the exhibits. You can reach some sort of compromise without fighting. After all, you went on vacation to act like adults.

To find even more things for you and your significant other to do in Duluth, check out for an extensive calendar of events.

Photos courtesy of Odyssey Resorts.