5 Awe-Inspiring Reasons for a Road Trip!

If you’ve ever wanted to take a road trip, now is the time! The weather is an awesome combination of sunny fall days and cool evenings. The tourism season is calming down, so there are no crowds to fight. The Minnesota fall is in full swing and most resorts and hotels have amazing deals! Here are 5 awe-inspiring reasons to take a road trip and enjoy some travel time

  1. Eat what you want! Pack a cooler, sip a soda or whatever your relaxing drink of choice is and take a trip to enjoy some good food. One huge benefit of a road trip is the ability to drink and eat what you want! Whether you’re headed from Minnetonka to Two Harbors, Sauk Centre to Superior or Lakeville to Lutsen, stop along the way and eat some great food! (pepto-bismol optional)  Click here for some solid resources to get a flavor of where is best to eat!
  2.  Visit family, friends or whomever.  A road trip isn’t a road trip without some good fellowship or visit time with some friends and family! Be sure to call before you stop by!
  3.  Take a walk on your road trip. There are no better places to stretch your legs when taking your road trip than near Duluth, MN. Stroll along Canal Park, gander through the Lighthouse Pier or jaunt across the Aerial Lift Bridge. All are sure to give you a good dose of amazing scenery and casual satisfaction.
  4.  Where can I hang my hat? Ok, obviously we’re biased to have you stay at our place, but there are many choices to choose from when nearing the end of your road trip adventure. Take a look here at some great places to hang your hat, when your road trip takes you near the Duluth area.
  5. Timing is everything. If you’re already a seasoned fall colors traveler, you know that rates are significantly lower midweek than prime weekends. Sorry if that was your own “best tips” secret. Weekends do fill along the North Shore so don’t wait to book if that is your plan.

For more info and great deals on places to stay when in Duluth, go here!